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           Name: Rose 
 Rose OC by deletiac
  (art by deletiac :))

Time period: Victorian Era, 1890.

Background: Rose grew up in present times, but is trapped under a curse put on her by an evil Sorceress. She has been transported back in time to the Victorian Era. She has one thing with her that she knows must be the key to breaking her curse and sending her back, a blue crystal amulet that appeared around her neck once she arrived. So far, she hasn't been able to figure out anything about it, and how it could help her.

Story: Rose is very outspoken and dislikes Victorian society. The ladies of society, in turn, don't like her very much. She meets one girl there, Meg, who admires her greatly, and likes that Rose is different from all the other soft-spoken ladies there.

Rose decides enough is enough, and if she is going to be stuck in a time she doesn't like, she might as well find some adventure out of it. She hears of a pirate ship, the Gold Doubloon, that is docked in the harbor of her small town. She drags Meg along and sneaks on board.

The Captain of the ship, Justin "The Sea Wolf", is on an adventure to reach the mysterious treasure of the Leprechaun King. He finds Rose and Meg hiding out beneath his ship, and decide to keep them on board as part of his crew because he admires their bravery. He is especially drawn to Rose, because she is so different from all the other girls he has met.

Together the three sail off to new lands, to hunt the treasure of the fearsome Leprechaun King.

Little do they know the danger they are getting themselves into...
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Submitted on
January 3, 2014